• Jewelry Making

    We craft jewelry from the raw rocks to finished product at our shop in Hayward.

  • Classes

    Our instructors will teach you everything rocks and minerals. This includes creating cabochons, metalsmithing, and gem cutting.

  • Education

    We partner with libraries and schools to educate and inspire youth about geology, rocks, and minerals.

  • Jewelry

    Check out our handcrafted, artisan jewelry, created from raw rocks to finished product at our workshop!

  • Lapidary Slabs

    Making jewelry or want a nice piece for your windowsill? Take a look at our cut slabs!

  • Rocks and Minerals

    Want to take it all the way? Here's our selection of raw rocks and minerals, perfect for making jewelry or showing off your new crystal collection!

Ready to Donate?

We appreciate many types of donations. We accept donations of rocks, gems, equipment, and monetary donations.

For monetary donations, please click the link below.

For all other donations, contact Dylan Dantzig at webmaster@mgscv.org or 925-918-2199.